Arthur the Chinese crested cross wearing one of his children’s socks as a body warmer. A pocket-sized puppy handed over to the RSPCA was so cold and hairless officers had to make him a jumper – made out of children’s SOCKS. See swns story SWSOCKS. The tiny Chinese crested Chihuahua cross named Arthur is being nursed back to health after he was handed over to RSPCA officials with a body temperature so low he had hypothermia. The animal charity, who took care of the pooch when he was just six-weeks-old is now warning future pet owners to be wary of taking on animals when they are too young. The now eight-week-old puppy, who weighs just 600 grams and stands at four inches tall, is making a full recovery at the RSPCA centre in Chobham, Surrey. But the tiny pup, who has already found a new home, has been keeping the chills at bay with adorable jumpers made out of socks Deputy manager Liz Wood was looking for items to keep him warm – but the only thing small enough to fit on his chest were tiny children’s socks. She’s now created an entire wardrobe of fashionable woolly jumpers for little Arthur.

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