Damage to the police car. A man who hurled a coping stone off a bridge through the windscreen of a passing police car has been jailed for eight years after a court heard he could have killed the officers on board. See NTI story NTIBRICK. Jason Gamble threw the brick from above Coventry ring road just before midnight on February 15 last year while the Sergeant and PC were en route to reports of a robbery near the city’s train station. It smashed a hole through the centre of the windscreen, narrowly missing the officers, but leaving both with facial cuts from flying glass; one later needed glass fragments removing from his eyes. A CCTV trawl led detectives to a hostel in Harnell Lane West where examination of security camera footage showed Gamble – who was wearing clothing matching that worn by a man seen on the footbridge – leave at 10pm and return about 20 minutes after the incident.

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