Thug who stabbed friend to death in row over game of darts jailed for eight years

Peter Roberts has been jailed for eight years
Peter Roberts has been jailed for eight years
Peter Roberts has been jailed for eight years
Peter Roberts has been jailed for eight years

A thug who stabbed his friend 11 times and left him for dead after a row over a game of darts has been jailed for eight years.

Peter Roberts, 46, launched a “frenzied and determined” attack on pal Shane Reeves, 22, after they fell out on July 5 this year.

Roberts plunged a kitchen knife into his friend’s chest, abdomen, shoulder and arm before dumping him on a landing.

He was finally taken to hospital 30 minutes after being stabbed where he underwent a life-saving operation.

Roberts was initially charged with attempted murder but was jailed for eight years and nine months at Northampton Crown Court last Wednesday (10/10) after pleading guilty to wounding with intent.

Judge Rupert Mayo told him: “I have to sentence you for serious infliction of grave injuries.

“The injuries were grave and life-threatening and your culpability is high because of the use of a weapon.

“This matter is aggravated by the fact you used a knife repeatedly in what has been described to me as a frenzied and determined attack.

“This led the victim to have to receive urgent and life-saving treatment.”

Kevin Barry, prosecuting, told the court Roberts was drinking at a friend’s flat in Northampton when they started arguing over a game of darts they were playing.

He said: “The victim thought it was hard punches he was receiving but later noticed the defendant was using a knife to stab him.

“Mr Reeves was repeatedly stabbed with a kitchen knife in a frenzied and determined attack.

“The victim’s hazy recollection is the defendant did not want to call an ambulance for him.

“The victim described being terrified during the stabbing and during the period he was left unattended on the landing.”

After undergoing surgery, Mr Reeves spent a month recovering from his injuries.

Steven Evans, defending, said: “There is very little, in one sense, that can be disputed with the prosecution as the facts speak for themselves.

“It is not in dispute that Mr Reeves had been the aggressor with the man who owned the flat.”


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