Well Street Late night pharmacy, Biddulph, Staffs which was the scene of Adam Marriott’ robbery. A man held a gun to his mothers head and ordered her to drive him to a robbery at a pharmacy. See NTI story NTIRAID. Drug addict Adam Marriott robbed a pharmacy armed with a BB gun – after telling terrified staff he would ‘blow their brains out’. The 32-year-old had earlier ordered his mother to drive him to the chemist’s after pointing the weapon at her head. He demanded staff hand over medication and took the stolen drugs in an attempt to kill himself. But he was discovered ‘unresponsive’ by the police at a friend’s house and was resuscitated by officers. Now Marriott, from Biddulph, has been jailed for 28 months for the robbery. Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard Marriott had forced his mother to drive him to the Biddulph pharmacy – and she followed him into the shop. He had earlier asked her to drive him to several locations, and had gone into the same pharmacy about 10 minutes before the robbery.

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