Thrush nesting in traffic light stops motorists in their tracks


This bird ain’t for changing …

Nothing was going to stop this mother thrush from building their nest in front of the red bulb of a traffic light.

The nest is balanced precariously above the orange light at the main junction of a busy roundabout in Loughborough, Leics.

Incredibly, the mother thrush seems to be unruffled by her balancing act despite raising her young just inches from the traffic light’s red bulb.

Motorist Mark Severn, 38, captured the bizarre nest on camera after spotting it as he drove past the A6 junction to Warwick.

He said: ”The nest is next to the main roundabout leaving Loughborough and it gets really busy at peak times.

”But the thrushes seemed very content and the mother was quite calm and more interested in me than the traffic.

”I could only see one chick but there may be more inside the nest. They didn’t seem bothered by the road at all.”


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