Homemade fudge which will be given as presents by the Gale family. Warminster, Wiltshire. See SWNS story SWCRAFT: A thrifty mum has revealed why she won’t be buying her children any toys for Christmas – but will MAKE all of their presents instead. Mum-of-two Jen Gale, 38, will wrap up homemade bath bombs and bobble hats for her two young boys – instead of giving them the Star Wars toys and Lego that they asked for. She plans to spend less than £30 on making quirky presents for sons William, seven, and Samuel, four, because she is fed up with today’s “disposable society”, she said. The Gales will also send homemade cards and eat their Turkey dinner at a table covered in hand-crafted decorations – next to a DIY Christmas tree fashioned from pom poms.

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