Thousands of tech-savy shoppers ditched their old laptops before Christmas to raise cash to buy tablets, new figures have shown



SELL YOUR LAPTOPSales of used laptops in the UK hit an unprecedented spike in December as a huge number of computer owners got rid of their used devices.

Around £9.5m worth of used laptops were sold last month – three times more than any other month last year. The average price on resale was 3165.

The statistics, from, also revealed that the Dell Inspiron was the most popular model to cash in on.

However popular Apple computers were resold the least  – making up a mere 11 per cent of overall trade-ins.

Laptop owners in Manchester led the Christmas rush – making up the biggest share of December resales at 19 per cent.

Gavin Pearson, Operations Director at, said: “It looks like the emergence of the tablet as an essential home entertainment item has led to a huge spike in the number of laptop owners keen to part with their devices.

“The ease, with which computer owners can now sell on their laptops, obtaining a quote in minutes online and taking advantage of pre-paid postal delivery, is another likely factor behind the trend.”



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