This is how you use Instagram on your Mac


How can you use Instagram from your Mac? In this article, we explain what you can do on the Mac and how it works.

You probably already use Instagram on your iPhone or maybe on the iPad, but you did you know that you can use the social media platform via your Mac? You can also buy real followers to increase the popularity of your account.

Some apps for Mac make it possible to use Instagram on your Mac, but also through the browser you can do a lot. There are also ways to upload photos to Instagram via your Mac. Important to realize is that Instagram hunts users who upload photos outside the Instagram app. By uploading in an alternative way, you are at risk that your account will be blocked or deleted. In this article, we tell you what the options are and how everything works.

Use Instagram in Safari

The first and most obvious option is to use Instagram in Safari. By going to, you can log in and view the messages of all your friends. Unfortunately, there are no extensions for Safari that offer additional possibilities for the Instagram website. You can also see Instagram Stories via the website. This works a little less smoothly than in the mobile app, but you do not have to miss anything from your friends. You also have the option to upload photos. However, this must be done with a detour. Follow the following steps:

  1. Open Safari on the Mac.
  2. Then go to Safari> Preferences> Advanced.
  3. Check the box next to Show Develop menu in menu bar.
  4. Now open a new window in Safari.
  5. Go to Develop> User Agent> Safari – iOS 11 – iPhone. Safari now thinks you’re on your phone.
  6. Log in to Instagram, and you will see a camera button at the bottom of the screen. Allows you to upload photos directly from the desktop.

Use Instagram in Chrome

Also in Chrome, you have several options to use Instagram. The website works the same as the version for Safari, only Chrome offers you slightly more possibilities in the area of extensions. Some extensions make it possible to upload or download photos or to make it easier to browse through Instagram. Just like in Safari, you also have the option to upload pictures (even without an extension). To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Open Instagram in the Chrome browser and right-click anywhere on the page.
  2. Select the Inspect option.
  3. Click on the tablet icon at the bottom left.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, you will now see the camera button, with which you can upload photos from your desktop.

If it doesn’t work immediately or the plus button not visible, you can refresh the webpage, and they will appear!

Use Instagram via apps

There are also some apps available in the App Store that allow you to use Instagram on the Mac. When you type “Instagram” in the search bar of the App Store, you will see different apps.

  • Windowed
  • Ramme
  • Flume
  • PhotoFeed


With Windowed you can upload and view Instagram posts on your Mac or Windows PC. The free app is, in fact, a browser that allows you to upload content and even manage your accounts. It was made by a student who was frustrated by the limited possibilities and therefore sought a solution for himself. You can upload with Instagram via a web browser, but this only works with mobile browsers. The developer of Windowed will not receive your data. You can manage five different Instagram accounts with this app. The source code of Windowed can be downloaded for free via Github.


Ramme is an app that you cannot download in the App Store but via GitHub. In terms of design, Ramme is very important for the mobile Instagram app. The menu bar can be found at the bottom of the app and at the top of the app you can view the Instagram Stories of all your friends. Ramme also offers you the possibility to upload photos and videos. Uploading photos and videos work the same as with the mobile app. You upload the picture, edit it, add a caption, and you’re done. You can even add a location via the app, but you must give the app permission to view your location. You download Ramme via GitHub.


Flume is also an alternative Mac app for Instagram. Previously it was also available in the Mac App Store, but now you can only download it via the app’s website. With a pro account, you can log into multiple accounts, and you can upload the images directly from your Mac via Flume. You can download Flume from the website of the creators.

PhotoFeed for Instagram

PhotoFeed is a simple app that looks like the Instagram website. You can put the app at the top of the menu bar so you can easily access the messages. The app is free to download and to view only photos and Instagram Stories you can use the free version. However, if you also want the possibility to upload pictures and videos, then you will have to pay for this. This will cost you a few dollars once.


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