Thinking Cricket launches new home for School & Village Cricket



cricketWith millions hooked on both amateur cricket and social networking, is delighted to announce a new online community that brings everyone together for the greater good of their sport. Created and powered by Thinking Cricket Limited, the network is about to change the face of how both supporters and the cricket clubs interact with one another.

From a supporter’s perspective, the new social network allows all individuals from around the world to
interact, post messages, publish images and enter into involved discussions about anything and
everything related to cricket.

However, while supporters are afforded a wealth of cricket-centric benefits, School and Village Cricket
Clubs are set to become the champions of the network through a unique set of features that allows the site to ‘give back’ to the sport it loves.

A key feature for clubs is the ability to host local advertising through a “Mates Sponsoring Mates” scheme to help with revenue creation for their continued operations.


“A local club could, for example, approach its local fish and chip shop to request a small advertising
investment of around £10 a month. These adverts will then be posted onto that club’s page for all local people to see. If a club can attract thirty of these sponsors, they could see up to £2500 in revenue a year –with the ability to make a huge difference to their facilities, equipment and wider marketing,” says Peter Lamb of Thinking Cricket Limited.

Continuing, “We want to foster strong community spirit between clubs and their supporters so that
sponsors, clubs and supporters all benefit, it’s about local communities supporting their local clubs.”
For the first time in the Amateur game each club signed up to the network will also be able to broadcast Live Scores from the smallest of games using our exclusive “CloudCam” technology.

“CloudCam is an Android App developed by Thinking Cricket that will post live scores to each clubs page on the Thinking Cricket Network every 2 minutes. This enables people anywhere to keep up with live scores as they happen,” Lamb adds. “We learned from experience that Village Cricket Clubs do not have the resources to operate computer scoring systems so CloudCam was developed to automate the process of broadcasting scores”.

Bells Yew Green Cricket Club in East Sussex is the first of we predict many clubs to use Thinking Cricket with over 100 members currently enjoying the benefits of the network including the ability to raise much needed revenue through club sponsorship.

For more information, to explore sponsorship opportunities and to sign up, visit:


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