‘Thief’ gets stuck in recycling bank


This is the hilarious moment a failed thief climbs into a recycling bank and gets stuck inside – for FOUR hours.

'Thief' gets stuck in recycling bank

The stupid man is filmed being helped into the clothes bank by another man despite having no way of escaping.

A security guard noticed the man inside removing items from the recycling bin and passing them to his accomplice on the outside and called police.

As he approached the recycling bank, the man on the outside ran off – leaving his partner in crime trapped.

'Thief' gets stuck in recycling bank

Police then arrived at the scene and were forced to call a fire crew who had to cut the top off the recycling bin in Bradley Stoke, Bristol to set the would-be thief free.

A police spokesperson said: ”One man had climbed into the bins and was seen to remove items and hand it to the man outside.

'Thief' gets stuck in recycling bank

”When they were approached one man ran off and one remained inside.”

The 28-year-old unnamed man, from Filton, Bristol, was arrested on suspision of theft and released with a police caution.


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