The poster that was distributed of thief Nicholas Allegretto after he was rumbled for shoplifting from a hardware store in Cambridge. See Masons story MNPOSTER; A thief was apprehended by police after complaining that his wanted poster breached his human rights. Nicholas Allegretto, 23, entered a police station to complain that a CCTV image of him distributed in the local press breached his human rights. Allegretto was then immediately interviewed by police and charged for theft. Shop owner Neil Mackay began distributing the CCTV image of Allegretto after he stole an industrial magnet from his hardware store. The poster had two lines blocking the bumbling thief’s face and warned him that staff know what he looks like if he was to return. Prosecutor Paul Roach said revealed that Allegretto denied taking the magnet when in the police station and that he was stopped for ‘looking dodgy’.

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