Exterior view of the Fit4Less gym, Long Eaton, Nottingham, today April 4 2016. See NTI story NTIFAT. A national gym chain has been blasted for putting up a giant billboard saying fat people will be abducted by ALIENS. The controversial 20ft-high poster was put up to advertise Fit4Less on the side of a Co-operative store overlooking a busy road. It shows a green alien and a person being beamed up by a green light into a spaceship. The text on the gigantic billboard reads: “They’re coming…and when they arrive they’ll take the FAT ones first!” It also says “Save yourself!” next to an arrow pointing to the gym’s website. Fit4Less has now been criticised for encouraging bullying by putting up the giant advert on Tamworth Road in Sawley, Derbys.

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