They need their eyes testing! Specsavers bosses mistake two towns for Islands

A Specsavers eye testing store, famous for the slogan 'should have gone to Specsavers'
A Specsavers eye testing store, famous for the slogan ‘should have gone to Specsavers’

Bosses at Specsavers should take heed of their own advertising and get their eyes tested after mistaking two towns — for islands.

The chain of opticians, famous for the slogan ‘Should have gone to Specsavers’, have been given a taste of their own medicine after the embarrassing blunder.

A leaflet handed out in the Highlands boasts the eyecare chain are visiting the “Isles of Brora and Wick”, which are actually two small coastal towns in the north of Scotland.

Jim Brown, 66, who lives in Sutherland, in the far north of Scotland, was stunned and amused when he saw the gaffe.

The retired electrical engineer said: “Obviously someone has just done a quick cut and paste job that’s gone horribly wrong.

“I know Specsavers do visit some of the Scottish islands to supply people with eyecare, so for them to make this mistake is very funny.

“At first I didn’t even notice it, I just thought it was bizarre they had sent me a leaflet for Brora and Wick as I’m nowhere near them, I must be about 40 and 50 miles away.

“Then it was even more amusing when I saw the isles mistake, as I’ve checked and I’m pretty sure I don’t live on an island.”

Jim sent an email to Specsavers to tell them of their botch job, but he is now cursing himself for not signing off with their trademark phrase.

He said: “I’ve sent them an email to the customer services but I’ve not had any response yet. I wish I’d thought to add ‘You should’ve gone to Specsavers’.

“They really should have checked a map before printing the leaflet and they would’ve found that Brora in Sutherland and Wick in Caithness are both very definitely on the mainland.

“I think it’s very sloppy. They’re supposed to be a professional company. It doesn’t give you much confidence in them.”

Chairman of Specsavers Scotland, Jim Quinn, said: “The sharp-eyed locals who spotted this error clearly won’t be needing an appointment with us any time soon.

“For anyone else who didn’t spot the mistake – our doors are open.

“On this occasion our copywriters obviously should’ve gone to Specsavers.”


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