These Qualities Are Great for Your Business


A recent set of studies complied by Wake Forest University listed 10 great qualities that every community leader must have. The studies focused on community leaders and counselors, but the 10 skills and qualities listed actually apply to all leaders, including business owners. With the market being as competitive as it is today, developing these skills will help you become an effective leader and gain that extra bit of advantage you need to succeed. Even better, the qualities of a great leader are traits that can be developed through programs such as counseling courses online.

Among the top 10 qualities you need to have to be a better business owner are self-awareness, a willingness to learn and adapt as well as empathy. The ability to forward think and that extra bit of motivation will also get you a long way.

You can find out more about these qualities from the 10 Qualities of Great Community Leaders infographic by Wake Forest University.

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