The VIP experience


Vacations are this time of the year expected by many, after a whole year of hard work. Occasionally, the destination of election can become a complicated task.

If you need a vacation and you dream about the beach, the sun and the perfect weather and you do not want to give up the luxury and all the comfort, all your wishes have come true.


This company called Ibiza VIP Experience is based in Ibiza and its main objective is to turn our vacations into the best days of our life.

We can get the best accommodation on the whole island, drive the most luxurious cars on the market, and even, if your avocation is the sea, you can ride it with their boats and luxury yachts.

Contact them by phone or by email to live this experience that you will want to repeat for sure.


Ibiza VIP Experience offers a large range of luxury villas in Ibiza for you to rent during your vacations.

They are focused on achieving the client satisfaction and so, all these villas have been designed specifically to satisfy all the different needs of the visitors. These luxury villas have the best location, quality and comfort of all the beautiful Ibiza Island.

Furthermore, these villas are provided of infinity and dreamy swimming pools, huge beautiful gardens and terraces, offering lots of space to the clients and, of course, all the luxury and the best quality in all the island.

Finally, we can think that the availability of these villas will be complicated, or even it could not be adapted to our style or our needs, but in Ibiza VIP Experience, they have thought about all of our concercenings and therefore, they have developed different models of villas to adapt to their visitors.


The best Ferraris, Lamborhinis and Range Rover may be within your reach in the Ibiza VIP Experience.

If you love luxury cars, this company will offer you the best luxury brands in the market, including also Maserati, Jaguar, Mustang, BMW and Hummer.

Exclusively, if you are looking for something smaller and comfortable, but also with all the luxury, their Mini Cooper will satisfy your wishes.

And if you want to try driving other luxury vehicles to complete your experience, you can enjoy their Vespa motorcycles and their amazing Quads.

Now we discover what this company can offer us, we can stop dreaming about the vacations we have always desired, and make them a reality thanks to Ibiza VIP Experience. Enjoy the vacation you deserve after all the work done, and live a unique, luxurious and quality experience.