The Top Classic Cars of all Time


To some, cars are a means to get from point A to point B, but to others it is a lifestyle. People dedicate their free time and money to purchasing old cars and rebuilding them from scrap, adding in modifications that will turn an everyday run of the mill car into a showstopper, different and unique.

Of course, not everyone has the privilege of free time and funds to turn a functioning car into a modernised beauty. Others will think about buying their cars brand new and fully functioning so they can show their friends, family and co-workers their most recent investment.

If you are a petrol head without a car, then here are a few of the top classics you should consider buying. Some are classic in the sense that they are incredibly rare and exclusive, while others are classic because they have proved a popular choice for multiple generations.

Jaguar E-type Lightweight

Only 12 of the Lightweight’s were ever made, with only 11 surviving. These cars were designed for racing and based on the original E-type; stripped to the bare minimum. Due to their limited numbers, these cars are rarely found for sale, and if you ever happen to stumble across one, prepare yourself for a hefty price tag. In 2015, a Lightweight was sold for more than £5 million, therefore this car can only be attained through luck and money.

Rolls-Royce Phantom III Thrupp & Maberly

The Phantom III was the final large, pre-war Rolls-Royce, replacing the previous Phantom II in 1936. This was the only V12 Rolls-Royce until 1998 with the introduction of the Silver Seraph, and also the last Phantom Henry Royce worked on before his death. With this history alone, it is no wonder many find themselves drawn towards this car, and for someone looking to own one, there are a still a number around today. Prices usually stand at £145,000.

Honda Civic

Although not a classic in the same sense as Ferrari and Aston Martin, the Honda Civic is one of the world’s most recognised and familiar cars to date. There are 10 generations of the Honda Civic highlighted by the Swansway Group, proving that this car is a classic in its own right. The first Honda Civic was first introduced into the market in 1972, and like the iconic British Mini, the car provided good interior space despite its small dimensions. The car gained recognition for being fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable.  Original, old-school Honda Civics can be bought at the price of £12,900.

Lamborghini Countach L400

If you enjoy the edge-shaped, sharply angled look among sports cars, then you have the Lamborghini Countach L400 to thank for that. Produced by renowned Italian car manufacturers Lamborghini, it pioneered the design for most sports cars, and also popularised the “cab forward” design concept. Over the years, Lamborghini has become the world’s largest market for expensive automobiles with their exotic sports cars and petrol head fan base.

Of course, not everyone has the available funds to purchase these classic cars, and sadly for some, owning the car of their dreams remains just that. However, if you are fortunate enough and can afford a classic, make sure to check the car’s past and that it is in good working order.



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