The tooth is out there: baby born with fully-formed front teeth


This little baby boy stunned his parents and shocked doctors when he was born with two — fully-formed FRONT TEETH.

Tooth is out there - baby born with fully-formed front teeth

First-time parents Joanne Jones, 31, and her husband Lee, 32, were delighted when Oliver James was born fit and well, weighing in at a healthy 7lb 12oz.

But they got a surprise when they saw that Oliver had been born with natal teeth – a rare event affecting one in every 3,000 births.

Baby Oliver has two front incisors in his lower gums and already has his first appointment booked with a dentist.

Doctors says that the teeth may fall out and be replaced or they could stay in place as the first of his baby teeth.

Lee and Joanne, from Haverhill, Cambs., are now inundated with friends and family who are keen to see their firstborn’s toothy smile.

Joanne, a carer, said that they were delighted to have a healthy baby boy and added that his teeth were proving popular with visitors.

She said: ”Oliver is a very, very good baby and it was a complete surprise to see his teeth. They are not little stumps, they are proper teeth.

”It is not unknown for babies to be born with teeth, but it is extremely rare.

”It was quite comical in the hospital because everyone wanted to come and see Oliver’s teeth when they heard about them.

”He has to go back so that they can keep an eye on them. These may be his proper teeth, or he could get three sets.

”If they get wobbly he will have to have them out, but they seem quite solid. Everyone who comes to visit wants to look at his teeth.”

Tooth is out there - baby born with fully-formed front teeth

Oliver was born by caesarean section at the Rosie Maternity Hospital in Cambridge at 3am on December 30.

Joanne has not had any trouble nursing Oliver because of his teeth after she decided to feed him by bottle.

Husband Lee, a warehouse worker, told of his surprise when medical staff presented him with his son and pointed out his unusual teeth.

He said: ”As soon as he was born you could see his two front teeth quite clearly, I was quite shocked.

”They called me over to look straight away. Babies are normally about six months old before they start to get teeth through, so he is very early.”

The couple had been trying to conceive for four years when Joanne fell pregnant with Oliver naturally.

But she spent six weeks of the pregnancy in hospital as she suffered with hyperemesis – or severe morning sickness.

She said: ”I had the worst pregnancy ever, I spent quite a lot of time in hospital on a drip because I was so poorly.

”When I saw Oliver’s teeth I thought it must have been because he was teething while he was in there.

”He is just perfect, but we are not planning to have any more. My brother has six children, so he will have plenty of cousins to play with.”



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