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The new world of connected laundry equipment


The growth of Internet Of Things networked laundry appliances is changing the landscape of modern laundries. Common-place in kitchen appliances this technology has been more recently adopted by laundry equipment manufacturers. 

Many recent laundry equipment innovations have been centred around ‘green’ matters – saving water, electricity and detergent. Whilst these developments have merit, the continued search for extra efficiency can now only adversely affect wash results. 

Connected or networked machines in my view, and that of many of our early adopter customers, provide something far more valuable than small utility savings. Increased customer service levels. If configured properly with the correct parameters a networked machine can make a significant difference to a laundry managers’ life. 

Service response from hours to minutes 

The Aventus Connected Laundry Equipment provides a hi-tec, customer centric functionality. Upon receipt of a call from a customer and in a matter of a few keyboard strokes many parameters can be altered on the laundry equipment, including 

Wash or dry programs Wash, rinse, spin, dry durations Wash or drying Temperatures Detergent levels 

This provides instant remedies to common enquiries that laundry operators have. No waiting hours or days for an engineer to come. Further, if an error occurs with the machine then we will be informed by email. This means that we can get an engineer on the way immediately, sometimes even before the customer knows about it. The laundry equipment also gives us an indication of what is wrong and therefore what part needs replacing. 

Preventing issues before they happen 

Even better than this, modern laundry machines often store large pieces of information which can reveal if key components are about to fail. This is the next generation of service which looks to reduce laundry down-time to zero! 

Bespoke programs 

Many laundry machines are pre-programmed with set programs that are a given. Aventus Connected Laundry equipment allows us and the manager of the laundry to design the best possible wash settings for the operation which are then programmed into that equipment until such time as changes are required. This gives the laundry manager the reassurance that short cuts are avoided and operational results are consistently high. 

Management data 

The data that the machine provides can also be made available to the Registered person or manager of the organisation. This can be hugely useful in understanding how their assets are performing and being used. And also to demonstrate to any regulatory bodies that the operation is fully compliant. 

Focussing on what is important, at the sharp end 

As a service organisation that not only supplies machines but also rents, leases and provides long warranties Aventus understand only too well what stress a poorly functioning laundry equipment can add to an essential laundry service. The connected and customisable laundry equipment provides super responsive, super quick, first-time fix of the customer’s machine. Which in turn less costly down time for the customer.