The latest Trump scandals to escape the White House



It’s no secret that Trump has been a popular news topic for some time and it’s no wonder why when every other day a new rumour leaks out of the Whitehouse or the latest tweet goes viral.

If you haven’t been keeping up, there is a lot that you might have missed out on that most people expect will influence some of the hottest topics in political discussions for the rest of the year. While one scandal in particular seems to stand out from the rest – if not being the central knot that ties all of the other scandals together – there is still new news surfacing every day.

Donald Trump’s Links To Russia

This has been quoted as being “one of the worst outrages in American history” according to one former Labour Secretary, Robert Reich. While most of the information about this relationship is still shrouded in mystery, there is a lot of suspicion surrounding Russia’s interference with the 2016 election.

It sounds just farfetched enough to be considered a conspiracy theory and yet there is bizarre evidence cropping up all over the place that indicates that Russia, if not directly involved with Donald Trump’s victory, at least played a role in sabotaging Hilary Clinton’s campaign. This includes several members of Trump’s campaign committee having strong ties to Vladimir Putin and allies of Putin.

Speculation seems to go around in circles and becoming more and more convoluted, with the latest rumours indicating that Russian spies have infiltrated the Whitehouse, that several thousand fraudulent votes were cast for Donald Trump during the election that Russia were responsible for, and that they propagated the ‘fake news’ that flooded the media at the time. While we can’t say for sure if there are any grounds to these claims, investigations are still underway.

Golfing With Government Money                 

In the past, Donald Trump has aimed at Obama more than a few accusatory Tweets, implying that Obama was wasting the government’s time and money by going golfing during a time of crisis in America. However, it seemed that Trump got more into the spirit of things after becoming president himself and has taken up golfing as a regular hobby. In fact, between the time of winning the election and the end of March, Trump took time out to golf as many as 13 times, already twice as many times as Obama did, and spending upsetting amounts of money to host meetings on the green and be escorted by secret service in golf carts. Overall, a lot of people are none too pleased to see Trump hashing out his new healthcare policies on the green.

While these scandals are nothing to sneer at, it seems to be quite difficult for the public to take Donald Trump too seriously. Even when rumoured with committing what could be potentially seen as treason, he is still considered to be something of a caricature of a villain, even being the inspiration behind a host of Donald Trump online games. Whether anything comes from these scandals is something we can only wait for. We may find the rabbit hole to be a lot deeper than we expected.


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