The Italian Damien McFly comes back to Scotland



Passion driven and charismatic Italian folk singer – Damien McFly better known as Damiano Ferrari, is bringing the heat to the cities in Scotland as he will be performing live on three different stages.

Damien, who is also thrilling live performer, has risen to prominence with over 300 exclusive gigs played throughout Europe in two years and in the summer of 2014 he crossed the Atlantic to play gigs in Chicago, Indianapolis and Nashville. His incredible sense of sound production is a great compromise between the timeless vibes of country folk and the catchy appeal of pop melodies. Damien’s conceptualization, lyrics and the quality of producers he surrounds himself with puts him in an optimal position for continued success.

The fascinating lyrics of his singles have landeolden opportunity to play at different shows in Scotland. He will be performing live on March 4th at Hard Rock Café, Edinburgh, 5th at Malones Edinburgh and 6th at the Hard Rock Café in Glasgow. Also, he will be interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland at The Janice Forsyth Show on March 8th. Lovers of pop melodies will be feeling the thrilling effect and exclusive beat of Damien McFly in a more unique way.

With a powerful collection of heartfelt songs, Damien’s debut album “Parallel Mirrors” channels the best of Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers sound, both bands having been a huge influence on him as he developed as a songwriter. Each instrument on the release has been recorded unplugged, utilizing the natural ambiance and reverb of specific recording locations to pick up the warmth of live performance on microphone.

About Damien McFly: Damien McFly first single has collected many airplays from international radios (Belgium, Germany, Italy, USA, UK, Brazil, Russia, and Croatia). In the quest to build a solid fan base, Damien released four Cover Collections in 2014-15 with over 20 videos. His YouTube channel now counts with more than 18000 subscribers with over 2 million views.


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