The fascinating world of QR codes and the website


imageAn exciting look at QR code innovation and just about everything to do with QR codes – all from a website called And that’s because what they do with QR codes is kinda crazy – QR codes of every style, color and design. They offer QR codes that have a logo or picture uploaded in the center and, craziest of all, a collection of free graphics that are used as frames for the easily generated QR codes. You can choose a call-to-action for business, or a personal message inside a heart to tell someone you love them with an audio QR code, or send a Happy Halloween, a Happy Christmas, or an informative company video.
The website at is packed with free advice and ideas for the many practical uses for QR codes in your business and personal life. Great for smaller businesses.
This is the only QR generator you will ever need – and not only for its free QR codes. You are able to design your own exclusive QR code for business or personal use in minutes. No more boring black and white QR codes. And no need for an expensive designer. An ingenious program creates stand-out QR codes for a fraction of the cost of competing websites. Create a fully customized QR code with no technical knowledge or additional software.
The QR generator loads directly to your browser and everything is explained, every step of the way. When you’re happy with your design the special tool will scan your code for readability. Once you have checked for yourself with a smart device, you are ready to download your exclusive QR code to use however you like. You can print it on your packaging, stationery, menus, t-shirts, business cards, products, websites and just about anything else you can imagine.
At: the mission statement reads like this: ‘Our mission is to introduce and popularize QR codes by offering free and Premium accounts to add fun and interest to QR codes in a unique way. We hope to encourage the use of QR codes in business, commerce, education and your personal life. The possibilities are endless. The only limit is your imagination.’

That really says it all. You get a fantastic range of QR codes in the standard black and white, and even these free QR codes offer a whole raft of choices to make your QR codes unique. When you move up to the Premium account you open a completely new range of options: free QR frames, color and shape changes to patterns, corners and markers, plus the ability to edit, customize, download different sizes from your account, and a click-counter. The advice and the black and white QR codes are free. You pay a low monthly fee for Premium membership to keep your dynamic QR codes active, but the cost is easily outweighed by the prestige and practicality of owning your own exclusive QR code that is personally designed by you.


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