The Essential Plant Machinery Every Construction Site Needs to Have


Every construction site needs a range of reliable and powerful machinery to adapt, maintain and build. A productive working environment is one in which workers have the right tools to do the job quickly and safely, without compromising on quality. With more construction companies looking to the used plant equipment market for essential machinery, just what pieces of heavy working kit do construction sites need?

Of course, the type and number of heavy plant machinery that a construction site needs to complete a project will depend on not only the building project itself but the terrain, what levelling works needs to be completed and so on. However, there are pieces of machinery that are common to most construction projects.

The bulldozer

For most construction projects, the use of the bulldozer is one of the first pieces of equipment needed. As the name suggests, this is a piece of machinery that quickly and easily clears the site of obstacles, whether that is a tree, hedge line or large rock boulders. Able to handle most terrain, apart from extremely boggy ground, the use of a bulldozer is usually essential in some part of a construction project.

Diggers and excavators

Whether laying a road or building a skyscraper, the finished construction is only safe and secure if the foundations on which it sits are stable and fit for purpose. In all cases, there is a need to dig down. When this is over a large area, or there are huge amounts of earth and rubble to move, utilising a digger makes perfect sense. But just as it can excavate, the digger can also be used to move materials to other areas of the site. An essential piece of kit, the digger comes in all shapes and sizes too.

Wheel loaders and movers

With all that rubble and waste material, it makes sense that there needs to be machinery large enough and robust enough to remove material from the site – and to deliver it in too.

There are all kinds of loaders and movers, heavy pieces of machinery that combine to deliver exceptional value and service on site. Again, their weight and large wheels or tracks mean they can cope with most terrain and are essential for the removal of material, filling of excavations and delivering material to the site too.

Transporters, dump trucks and tippers

At one time, getting materials to a site was done by horse. In effect, today’s transporters are the mechanical version of the horse, capable of shifting large amounts of different materials to and from the construction project. They are needed in various formats, from bowsers delivering water to large concrete mixer lorries and more. They too take some skilled handling, as does all the heavy machinery on this list, and also need to deliver their loads to the site in a timely manner.

Lifters and cranes

Of all the pieces of construction site machinery on the list, the crane is probably the mechanical piece of equipment that takes the most skill to operate. Working in tight conditions, usually with other properties and scaffolding in close proximity, the crane swings and hoists all kinds of material across the site and into position.

And there’s more…

The list could go on. At every site, there is construction machinery that lightens the load construction works are expected to move, carry or dispose of. Developed with specific tasks in mind, such as excavating earth or hoisting materials high above the ground, finding the right piece of machinery is essential for getting the job done, on time and on budget.


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