The Benefits Of Bringing Young And Old People Together



Bringing young and old people together benefits both generations. Whilst some things remain in the past, brings people together should only be encouraged. Getting involved in intergeneration connections provides two or more people with the opportunity to develop social and communication skills as well as how to be caring and kind hearted. Generations continue to teach each other about life preparation and inspire each other than you might realise.

These connections are essential for the health, stability and growth of generations. Living in a society where the young and old are segregated trying new things should never be frowned upon. Whether it’s spending the day gardening with grandparents or taking up a voluntary role at a local care home, there are more than two ways to young people to get closer with their elders. In a similar way, taking a day out to go to the cinema has the same effect. It’s a common misconception that young people have more to learn from the old, than the old to the young. Old age doesn’t have to disadvantage people, even when it comes to reduced mobility, as purchasing help like an electric mobility scooter can be extremely helpful to integrate the two generations.

Children as young as 5 can be approved to join an intergeneration care programme. Researchers have found that activities such as these improve language development and grow independence. It also encourages confidence. The older you are, the more confident you tend to be. Confidence grows over a period of time. As people get older, they generally have more to say and guidance to give. What one person experiences, another person may never get the opportunity to. Bringing young and old people together allows this to happen.

Many old people believe that young people will not understand them, but a new perception to life can open multiple doors and create a number of unthought-of opportunities. Bridging the age gap provides an advanced sense of purpose in life. Young adults want to feel motivated, which is exactly what older people can help them achieve. For both young and old individuals, it makes them feel needed.

Both generations have someone to admire. It helps to tackle issues around ageism. Ageism is the discrimination against someone based on a person’s age. It helps to improve the respect associated between the two as well as improves the opportunity to make new friends and combat isolation. Social interaction is important to human health. It is vital both mentally and physically. As fun as socializing with your friends is, interacting with new people is even better for your health. Not only does it fight off depression, you become more productive and you’ll live longer. Friends and strangers can help encourage you to take good care of yourself. A healthy lifestyle has both great long and short term benefits to your body.

Everyone benefits by having friends at all ages, not just one generation. You may not talk openly about everything or enjoy what one another do but no harm comes from taking time out of your day to listen. And the best part? The stories.


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