The Apprentice’s Laura Moore is given the boot by Alan Sugar


Laura Moore last night became the latest contestant to leave The Apprentice boardroom last night when she failed to impress Alan Sugar during the treasure hunt task.

Damien Ramsey has

The 22-year-old had gained a reputation for stroppiness and her poor performance in tasks placed her in Lord Sugar’s firing line.

Having managed an abysmal result of zero sales as team leader in week two’s holiday accessory task, last night she took a battering from Lord Sugar for her poor negotiating skills.

Although the girls’ team, Synergy, had managed to buy every item on the list they were given for the treasure hunt task, their lack of haggling meant they paid through the nose.

Apollo, the boys’ team, managed to win the task despite not collecting every item.

In one scene viewers saw Laura purchasing truffles from a restaurant for £210, while the boys had managed to find the same item in a shop for just £100.

Lord Sugar told Laura and her teammates Stella English and Liz Locke: “You’re bad negotiators, simple as that.”

Laura replied: “I’m embarrassed. We didn’t negotiate hard enough.”

However, her confession was not enough to persuade Lord Sugar to keep her on.

Damien Ramsey has

“You’re not for me,” he said. “Maybe it’s because you’re so young.”

Last night Laura, who has been working for her own technology company and a US entrepreneur since finishing filming, said the producers made her look much more sulky than she really is.

She said: “If you went to the cutting room floor you’d see a lot more shots of me being cheerful.”

Remaining contestants Liz Locke, Stella English, Jamie Lester, Chris Bates and Stuart Baggs are all still battling for a job with Lord Sugar, with Liz still the favourite to win.


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