Teenager who raped student, 22, three times is jailed for nine years

Rapist Darryn Bradshaw
Rapist Darryn Bradshaw
Rapist Darryn Bradshaw
Rapist Darryn Bradshaw

A teenager who brutally raped a 22-year-old student THREE times has been jailed for nine years in a case described by one of Britain’s most senior judges as the worst sex attack he has ever seen.

Darryn Bradshaw, 18, followed his victim as she walked to a friend’s house before grabbing her around the neck and dragging her into secluded grassland.

A court heard he then robbed her mobile and £27 before stripping her and repeatedly raping her on a grassy bank – even though she told him she was PREGNANT.

Bradshaw then told the terrified woman he knew where she lived and would kill her if she told anyone before finally letting her go.

But the brave victim flagged down a taxi driver who gave her a lift to a police station where she reported the sickening attack on October 11 last year.

Bradshaw was traced by DNA and on Thursday he pleaded guilty to rape and robbery at Nottingham Crown Court.

The warped teenager was jailed for nine years by Judge Michael Stokes QC, who told him the rape was one of the worst he had ever dealt with in his entire career.

Judge Stokes, who is the most senior member of the Midlands judiciary and one of the UK’s top judges, said: “You are unfit for the society of decent people.

“You have pleaded guilty to one of the worst offences of rape I have had to deal with.

“There are thousands of young women in this city studying at one or other of our universities or colleges.

“They are entitled to walk in the streets of this city without being subjected to robbery and rape, and it is the duty of the court to punish young men like you who treat them in this disgusting way.”

The court heard Bradshaw appeared from a car park and grabbed the lone woman in the Sherwood Rise area of Nottingham at 3am.

She had assured friends minutes earlier that she would be “fine” before walking to the friend’s house nearby.

The victim had to endure a three month wait for the results of a blood test to check for HIV and the court heard she still has nightmares about the attack.

The part-time bar worker, who is still studying for her degree, said: “I cannot cope with footsteps behind me or anyone behind me and I carry a personal alarm.”

Bradshaw had no previous convictions for sexual offences but had been in trouble with the law for burglaries.

The court heard that since his arrest, the teenager had been bullied and beaten in custody – with inmates sliding razor blades under his cell door.

Bradshaw, from Nottingham, was sentenced to nine years for the rape and two years to run concurrently for the robbery.

He will serve two-thirds of his sentence and be subject to an extended licence of five years on release.

* In September last year Judge Stokes called for burglars to be given harsher sentences after seeing ‘numerous’ cases of criminals re-offending while on parole from prison.

The outspoken judge also slammed the CPS for taking too long to bring juvenile offenders before the courts in 2009.


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