Allana Prosser post surgery at University Hospital Coventry. A brave teenager lived with a 15cm brain tumour for SIX years after bungling doctors told her she was a hypochondriac and was allergic to CHEESE. See NTI story NTITUMOUR. Pretty Allana Prosser was just 11-years-old when she started having crippling headaches in 2009. The teenager, who is now 17, was also constantly falling asleep and started drinking up to seven litres of fluid every day. Her mum Katrina Prosser, 36, took her to her local GP several times over the next six years as her symptoms, which included blurry vision and weight gain, got worse. But incredibly, doctors told her she was a hypochondriac and even claimed she might be allergic to cheese after the teen was told to make a food diary. Allana’s condition was eventually taken seriously when her right eye began twitching in April this year and her optician found it was being caused by pressure. She was referred to the eye clinic at University Hospital Coventry on May 21 where a doctor saw her mum break down in tears. After speaking to the pair, a doctor sent Allana for a CT scan and then told her she needed an MRI scan the same day. He then gave the teenager the devastating news that she had a Craniopharynigioma – which is type of brain tumour found near the pituitary gland behind the eye.

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