Teenager becomes Britain’s youngest landlord after getting a PUB for his 18th birthday


Birthday cheers – Charlie Watts becomes Britain’s youngest landlord this weekend when her turns 18 and takes over his own PUB.

Charlie, 17, was handed the keys to The Cherry Tree boozer in Yaxley, Suffolk, after his father got a new job.

The teenager asked his parents for a job at their pub when he left school and was stunned when they handed him the reins.

Charlie will officially receive his landlord’s licence on Saturday when he turns 18 – and his name will go over the door of the independent hostelry, which his mum and dad own.

He said: “It’s going to be hard work, I can guarantee that.

“My dad and mum did it for 11 years and they didn’t get to where they are without putting in the hours.

“I’ve helped out since we came here when I was seven years old.

“I’ve been chatting and getting to know the people and without actually knowing it I’ve taken it all in, getting experience which will obviously help.”

Charlie’s father Andy, 42, has landed a new job as a business development manager and realised he would not have time to keep running the pub.

Mum Nikki, 41, will help Charlie settle into his new role and she said: “My husband just had the idea to train Charlie up to be a landlord when he left to start his new job.

“It will be lovely to know that our son is the one who we have handed the pub on to. I’m already seeing a different side to him.

“My children have grown up here and become confident and independent children as a result.

“The toughest part for him will be the late nights and early morning but I’m sure he’ll manage okay.

“Charlie is determined that all the ales we have here will be as good as his dad’s. He won’t let standards slip.”

In 2006 Chris Hardacre, 12, became the youngest person to work in a bar thanks to a loophole in government legislation.

He worked at his dad’s pub, the Star Inn, in Doncaster, Yorks., and regularly served alcohol to customers.

In 2009 Chantelle Britton and Luke Cunnett became the youngest couple to run a pub when they became landlords just months after their 18th birthdays.

The pair took control of the Bluebell Inn in Sutton, Notts., and pledged to reinvigorate youth into the failing boozer.

And Lewis Marriott became one of the youngest landlords in the country when he received his licence just three weeks after turning 18.

But the teenager, from Gillingham, Kent, was unable to properly become a landlord because he didn’t have a pub to take control of.


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