Teen accidentally ‘pocket called’ cops during drug deal


A hapless drug user was foiled after accidentally calling the cops – during a DEAL.

Dopey Daniel Moore, 18, was in the middle of buying prescription drugs when he ‘pocket dialled’ 911.

The emergency services operator took the call and dispatched officers when she heard several individuals ”talking about a drug transaction involving prescription narcotics”.

Officers traced the location of the call to a fast food restaurant in Hall County, Georgia, USA and rushed to the scene.

While the police chatted to members of staff at the waffle house, the dispatcher advised them she could hear their voice – indicating Moore’s location.

Officers then arrested the shocked teenager after finding him in possession of a number of Xanax tablets.

Hall County sheriff spokesman Col. Jeff Strickland said: “For us to record a drug transaction as it transpires, that’s a first.”

Xanax is a drug prescribed for people suffering from anxiety and depression. It is sometimes used to provoke sleep by people who have recently taken drugs like cocaine and LSD.


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