Teenage weightlifting champion quits sport to become model


A teenager has gone from barbells to Barbie in her switch from weightlifting champion – to MODEL.

Teenage weightlifting champion quits sport to become model

Amy Hamilton hoisted weights heavier than herself as she bagged a host of medals in the power sport.

But now she is ditching the brawn and flaunting a more feminine figure to pose for pictures.

The 19-year-old said: “I didn’t really like having the muscles, it was just because of the sport.

“But since I’ve stopped weightlifting my body has changed, I’m smaller, I can feel it in my clothes.

“I’ve got a more feminine figure now, I’m much happier.”

Amy, from Knightswood, Glasgow, started gymnastics at a young age and trained at the city’s School of Sport at Bellahouston Academy.

She used weightlifting as a strength and conditioning technique but coaches thought she had talent and at 15 the youngster took it up as a sport.

At the peak of her training she worked out twice a day and was forced to eat six high-protein meals a day.

Sports science student Amy said: “The diet was the only thing I hated about it, I think it’s a girl thing, it’s nice not to have to force myself to eat anymore.

“But I loved weightlifting, it’s a great sport to get into because it’s rewarding.

“It’s hard work and different from what most girls do but great for your fitness.

“I loved training, I loved the gym and it’s good competing, I like to have goals in my life.”

Teenage weightlifting champion quits sport to become model

Amy weighed 55kg (8st 6lbs) but lifted barbells of up to 80kg as she performed in Scottish and British competitions as well as European championships and represented her country at the 2008 Youth Commonwealth Games in Pune, India.

But now the bubbly youngster has had enough of the sport and is turning her attention to modelling.

However, at just 5ft 2in she is not in line for catwalk jobs and hopes to land gigs in photo shoots.

Amy, who lives with mum Jacqueline, 38, dad William, 39, and sister Haley, 14,
said: “I’ve always wanted to try modelling and because of my height I can’t really do fashion shows.

Teenage weightlifting champion quits sport to become model

“I’ll probably go for glamour and lingerie, I’m going to get a portfolio done and go into some competitions and hopefully an agency will pick me up.

“I’ve seen people like Jordan and see what kind of life they have with flashy cars and all the stuff women want – that’s what attracts me to it.”

Pint-sized Amy took part in a recent cheerleading contest and was among the 15 finalists to strut their stuff at an event in Glasgow.

Her cage fighter boyfriend Kieran Malone, 19, was there to support her as she paraded the catwalk in evening wear and lingerie.

And Amy said he backs her move from weightlifting to modelling.

She said: “He’s quite excited for me, he just said go for it.

“I was really nervous because it was the first time I had ever done anything like that but there wasn’t as much pressure.

“In weightlifting I was going out to lift a weight, whereas modelling I just walk out and walk back in.

“People should be able to chop and change when they want and I think if there is anything you want to do in life you should give it a go.”



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