Teenage councillor apologises after wild party


The youngest town councillor in Britain has issued an apology after police were called to his home when a drunken fancy dress party spiralled out of control.

Teenage Tory councillor apologises after wild party

Tom Bletsoe, 18, hit the headlines in February after he was elected as the new Independent councillor for St Ives South ward in Cambridgeshire.

But the young politician received a visit from police on Saturday after he hosted a rowdy pirate-themed fancy dress party at his home.

Neighbours dialled 999 to complain about loud music and when officers arrived they found the street full of 30 drunken youths dressed as pirates.

Red-faced Cllr Bletsoe is now writing a letter to his neighbours apologising for the disturbance.

He said: ”It was a mixture of delayed celebrations of the success, which was easier to organise in the Easter holidays.

”Just before midnight, one of the neighbours came and spoke to me and asked if we could turn the music down or they would have to call the police, so I turned the music off, and the party ended.

”As far as I know the neighbours were informed before the party. I have spoken to the neighbours directly on either side.

”I have also got a letter to write which I will send to neighbours, to apologise for any disturbance on the night.

”Things were not really out of hand. When the police arrived, people were leaving so there were a lot more people outside the house.

”The police came over and they really helpful and useful in helping to get people going.”

A-level student Cllr Bletsoe, of St Ives, Cambs., turned 18 just two months ago after he stood for a seat in the constituency of former Prime Minister John Major.

He held a pirate-themed fancy dress party at his home on Saturday night but neighbours became fed up with the loud music and called police at midnight.

Police arrived on the scene at midnight and broke up the party.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Constabulary said: ”They were dressed as pirates. Some of the youths were drunk, but no damage was caused.”



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