The technological influence of big business

Technology is often at the heart of big business
Technology is often at the heart of big business

The heart of a business are the customers and the way in which the two can work together to achieve an end goal, the business being able to fulfil its purpose whilst the needs of the consumer are met.

With this in mind, technology has been focused on changing the business world and more items have been introduced to help any manner of a company to complete its purpose and work at a faster and more productive rate, securing a position within its industry at the same time.

Incorporating Everyday Technology into the Business World

As technology evolves on a business level, it also becomes more important and relied upon on an everyday basis and the two can be incorporated within all walks of life.

Technology is often at the heart of big business
Technology is often at the heart of big business

Mobile phones are the perfect example of this. 62% of people aged 25-34 own a smartphone, such as a BlackBerry, and the device is perfectly programmed and designed to fulfil personal and employment needs.

Most employees with a smartphone use its features to complete work related tasks and to stay in touch constantly with colleagues, consumers and the industry itself, as well as accessing social media accounts and engaging in personal social interaction.

How influenced are businesses by technology?

Technology has sparked significant changes within the business world and the way in which functions and operations are carried out. Businesses are able to expand and reach a wider audience bracket than ever before, they now have a global reach that enables them to develop at a much faster rate with a significantly lower cost.

Since technology has become such an important part of the business world, companies are now able to operate on more of a level playing field. A big online presence makes a smaller brand on par with a bigger business and it is simple to become a big name in an industry simply through the Internet, social media, websites and the use of technology that dramatically increases efficiency and productivity.

Technology has altered how businesses function and to what scale they are successful.

Changes to business functions

Technology, as we have already established, has influenced and led to changes with the way work related tasks are completed yet there are other areas where technology has shown its influence.

• The role of the employee has changed drastically as they are now under less pressure to complete tasks alone, but do need to have a good understanding of the technology they need to use in order to fulfil their positions.

• Data storage is far superior with the introduction of storage facilities such as the cloud. Not only is the information accessible to those that need it, it is secure and protected from those who do not need access.

• Customers are reachable 24 hours a day 7, days a week – this has improved customer service for most establishments.

• Technology reduces company costs as work is increased, employee numbers are reduced

A lack of technology means the end

Technology has encouraged the growth of global trade and commerce, and a lack of technology would reduce the scope of businesses meaning the global economy would crash. Technology has taken businesses to a whole new level and the world is reliant on businesses that are able to function in multiple countries, rather than remaining localised.

Technology itself is big business, with the number of employment positions and organisations that are devoted to designing, developing and manufacturing items that businesses are dependent on.


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