Tech wizards solve ‘legacy’ software problem by refurbishing old laptops from the 1990s


A tech wizard has solved the problem of old software not working on modern machines – by selling refurbished laptops from the 1990s.

Many classic computer programs – dubbed ‘legacy’ software due to their age – are not compatible with speedy operating systems such as Windows 7.

But boffins at TechyTeam believe they have found the answer – by reclaiming old computers and lapstops and restoring them. This allows them to run efficiently and they are compatible with legacy programs.

Padraig MacCormack, e-commerce manager at TechyTeam, said: ‘Customers are pretty much looking for a needle in a haystack when searching for reliable laptops and computers to run legacy software on the internet. With this in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive database of IT products on a simple and accessible website where people can identify the specific refurbished laptop or computer they require.

‘Its never easy configuring older software to run on newer hardware but we take that stress out of equation and sell every refurbished computer or laptop ready to use straight from the box.’

TechyTeam sells products dating back twenty years or more, meaning users of older PCs, computers and laptops can identify what they need. Customers can search by product name, model number, key word, and category or part type.

Padraig added: ‘Because of rapid changes in software technology, many of the older legacy programs will not run on newer modern operating systems.

We have customers ranging from baggage handling companies working in airports that require classic style computers to control their machinery to the end consumer that simply wishes to play some classic DOS games from their youth.’



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