Taylor Swift is a ROBOT! The hilarious search suggestions from Google amusing Internet users

Taylor Swift search suggestions in Google
Taylor Swift search suggestions in Google

Google search suggestions for pop stars have been amusing Internet users – with hilarious statements such as Taylor Swift is a ROBOT.

The search engine automatically completes sentences in a drop down to predict what browsers are going to look for.

The results are based on what people have actually looked for online – with a signifacnt number believing that the pop singer is a robot.


Taylor Swift search suggestions in Google
Taylor Swift search suggestions in Google

Other bizarre suggestions people have looked for include ‘Miley Cyrus is a chicken’, ‘Briteny Spears is an alien with three heads’ and ‘Justin Bieber is like Joffrey’.

Browsers also have strange doubts about other pop stars – with thousands of people asking questions such as ‘Is Shakira a goat?’ and ‘Is Lady Gaga a dog?’ – while a lot of fans search for ‘Eminem is scared of giraffes’ after he admitted in an interview that he doesn’t like their necks.

Legendary rock stars find themselves under the cyber microscope, too. Bono from U2 appears in Google suggestions – with many people searching ‘U2 are hypocrites’ and even John Lennon is the subject of searches for ‘John Lennon is a communist’.

Kinder search suggestions include ‘Michael Jackson is in heaven now,’ ‘Bob Marley is alive’ and ‘Amy Winehouse is a legend’.

Irene Recio who carried out the research at Ticketbis.net said: ”I have to admit I was almost crying with laughter as I delved around on Google and these weird suggestions came up about Britney, Eminem and Adele.

‘Thankfully the internet seems to be a bit kinder about the likes of MJ and Amy Winehouse, but I’m not sure future generations will be equally kind about all of today’s big stars in 100 years from now.’


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