Talented young gymnast desperately hoping £40k can be raised to pay for operation which will allow her to continue her hobby

Yazzie Wilson.

This talented young gymnast loves to show off her skills despite suffering chronic curvature of the spine – but is desperate to raise £40,000 for treatment to continue her passion.

Yazmin Wilson, aged nine, suffers from scoliosis, a condition which caused her spine to deform abnormally.

She was only recently diagnosed with the condition, but the curvature is already so severe that it is at 80 per cent.

Yasmin needs urgent treatment or else it could cause breathing problems in later life – but it could also halt the little girl’s gymnastics career.

Her mum, Abbie Wilson, 27, believes the £40,000 operation in Germany could allow Yazzy to continue the hobby she loves.

Yazzie Wilson with mum Abbie.

Abbie, from Bristol, said: “Yazzy’s really quiet and shy normally but as soon as she puts her leotard on her confidence goes through the roof, suddenly she doesn’t care if 100 people are watching her.

“She’s amazing really, she’s so clever and doesn’t let anything stop her.

“I get really emotional and she just says ‘mummy, don’t worry I’ll be fine, I’ll do it’.

“But, she’s already being treated differently in school with her friends worried she is going to hurt herself which breaks my heart.

“I just want for her to go on living a happy, normal life full of possibility.”

Treatment is available on the NHS but it would involve having her bones fused together, preventing her from doing the activities she loves.

Yazzie Wilson.

The schoolgirl would need to have surgery every three to six months to adjust the rods as she grows.

But the alternative treatment in Germany would allow the prospect of Yazzy continuing her gymnastics, which she has been doing for four years.

The treatment, Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT), is less-invasive and uses magnets to make the rods grow with Yazzy as she gets older.

It will also mean she could continue playing sport, competing in acro gymnastics and playing like a normal young girl.

Her proud mum says when Yazzy competes against other gymnasts, she mostly gets in the top ten, and loves trampolining and P.E lessons.

The family, from Yate, Bristol, have been offered a glimmer of hope as Yazzy has been given a back brace which will stop the curvature from worsening for about two years.

But after that if the money has not been raised, the NHS procedure will have to go ahead.

X-Ray showing Yazzie Wilson back.

The mum-of-two added: “My daughter eats, sleeps and dreams gymnastics.

“She’s just a normal little girl who wants to enjoy life and I want to make sure that happens.”

The condition was diagnosed a year ago when Yazzy fell from monkey bars in a park.

Abbie realised something was seriously wrong and took her to be examined.

She recalled: “We went to the doctors and they asked me if I knew that she had a curve in her spine. I said I didn’t.

“They said they needed to operate straight away, and that the operation would mean she wouldn’t be able to continue gymnastics or many sports activities.”

So far, nearly £1,400 has been donated.

Yazzie Wilson with mum Abbie.

Nursery worker Abbie said: “We’re really grateful to the doctors and everyone for everything they’ve done for us.

“Everyone who has donated it means the world to Yazzy.

“But the reality is, if we can’t raise the money she’ll have to have the NHS procedure which will totally change her life.”

To donate, visit: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/yazzyfunding



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