Takeaway Serves Up Vegan Fish And Chips – Using Tofu And Seaweed

Sarah Ward tries out a vegan Tofish and Chips at the Simpsons Fish and Chip shop in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

A takeaway is serving vegan fish and chips – using TOFU and SEAWEED.

The meat and fish free dish is slices of tofu wrapped in seaweed – dipped in vegan-friendly batter and deep fried in groundnut oil.

The ‘tofish and chips’ was added to the menu to mark National Vegan Month at award-winning chippy, Simpsons, in Stroud, Glos,

Within the first thirty minutes of being on sale, fifty portions of the £6 treat had been sold.

The ‘tofish’ slices cost £1.50 each and has more in common with Japanese food than English seaside staples.

The slabs of tofu – a bean curd sold in health food shops – are wrapped in Nori seaweed before being cooked in batter.

They are then served with a portion of chips.

James Ritchie, 31, who owns the Simpsons fish and chip shop with his vegan Tofish and Chips.

Customer Sarah Ward – a vegetarian – was the first to try it.

She said: ”I’ve been vegetarian for eleven years but have rarely enjoyed tofu. It’s usually bland and squidgy and I never cook with it at home or order it out.

”’Tofish’ really surprised me because it’s not like that – it’s more compact and has flavour from the seaweed wrapped around it, which is a bit like a sushi roll.

”The deep-fried batter gives it a similar texture to fish, only it’s softer inside when you bite on it.

”I had three slices and ate all of them. I’d order it again as it’s less greasy and better for the environment.

”Meat substitutes are widely available but fish alternatives are less common, so I think ‘tofish’ could catch on more widely.”

Owner James Ritchie, 31, said: “On the first day we sold 100 slices and it’s still selling well. If we are still selling it at the end of the month we will keep it on the menu.”

Even the tongs used for the ‘tofish’ are kept separate from those used for seafood products.

The takeaway already had one vegan dish, a pattie, on the menu but added ‘tofish’ at the suggestion of animal charity PETA.

James Ritchie’s vegan Tofish and Chips.

James said: “We have had a lot of people that are already vegan coming in to try it, and other people who are regulars wanting to try something different.

“It’s definitely more like something you would find in a Japanese restaurant than in a chippy.”

The recipe was suggested by PETA from a pre-existing idea, but the forward-thinking chippy already has a gluten-free day once a month to cater to modern dietary requirements.

Simpsons opened eight years ago when James and wife Bonny opened up a shop in Cheltenham, Glos, and quickly drew national attention.

James added: “We are trying to surpass expectations of a chip shop.”


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