Take Ten Minutes A Day …



Life is all too much of a rush. There are deadlines, bills, shopping the 9-5 grind. Our time is dictated and yet we never seem to take time. It is imperative that we do make time for ourselves in a day, it helps us achieve calm, balance it allows us to focus and for us to get in our bubble for a short time and de stress. You may even find those ten minutes actually makes you more productive. Either do them all, or one or two, but take a look at this list and make sure you take ten minutes a day out for you, stimulating all the senses to bring on that sense of relaxation.                         

1. Switch off any unnecessary technology

In our ever interconnected lives it is easier than ever to be Permanently engaged and in contact with someone. For ten minutes just switch off anything you do not need for these ten minutes of down time, switch off the television, the laptop whatever is not essential for that moment.

2. Put on some relaxing music

Listening to music lowers blood pressure and it is a good way to relieve stress. This is a good opportunity to relax, fill your house with soothing sounds or create your own space and put on some headphones and transport yourself away! Soothing jazz, classic acoustic sounds or just instrumental music is best, nothing too fast and up tempo.

3. Light up

Lighting candles is a great way to help you relax. Artificial and fluorescent light can be quite exhausting.  The flickering of a candlelight can be relaxing and soothing, if you have aromatherapy candles this can create a relaxing environment. Pick candles like Yankee Candles or Neom which have authentic and relaxing fragrances.

4. Indulge in a little hugge

The Danish word for Hugge, pronounced “hoo-ga”, there is no literal translation but it best interprets as cosiness, so put on some cashmere socks, sit in your favourite chair, grab a soft blanket or throw and enjoy your favourite hot drink. You should make the quality of that drink a priority, it is for you to indulge.  Invest in a good quality coffee machine such as a Nespresso machine.. This allows you to have a luxury coffee experience and indulge in the smell helping create that sense of peace and indulgence for you. These machines don’t have to break the bank, for a little outlay for the machine you can buy pods from a number of makers and high quality coffee such as gourmesso capsules compatible with nespresso machines. There are a number of suppliers on the market now, but consider the gourmesso capsules, which have organic and fair trade options helping create a wider sense of hugge and having a good conscience.

5. Escape into another world

Remember books! Transport yourself away and think about some escapism transport yourself and indulge the life of the characters, create your own little haven.

One of all of these work to create a sense and some moments of relaxation, it is important we all take time out each day for us for healthy body and mind. Buy the best you can whether its candles or coffee to really help your indulgence and relaxation situation.


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