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Top boxing coach uses arcade game to train fighters

A top London boxing coach has turned to computer games in a bid to improve his fighters' reaction speed.

Chinese man dies after three-day internet gaming binge

An unnamed Chinese man collapsed and died after a three-day internet gaming binge in which he did not sleep or eat. The Beijing Times reports...

Guitar Hero no more as Activision announces it will cease publication

The makers of video game Guitar Hero have announced they will stop publishing the game this year. Activision Blizzard inc released a statement last night...

Nintendo Wii helps Parkinson’s sufferer overcomes illness

A business analyst who was struck down with debilitating Parkinson's disease has overcome her symptoms - by using the Nintendo Wii. High-flying Jo Collinge,...

One million men dumped because of computer game obsessions

More than one million blokes have been dumped by their girlfriends - because of their obsession with computer games, it emerged today. Researchers found a...

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