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Councillors visit strip club on ”fact-finding” mission

A group of councillors has been slammed for using taxpayers' money to fund a ''fact finding'' mission - to a STRIP CLUB. The thirteen officials...

Councillor paints his OWN parking bay outside Cotswold home

A potty parish councillor was so fed up with neighbours parking outside his £500,000 house he painted his own YELLOW LINES to deter motorists. Cllr...

Councillor sparks fury by blaming Hillsborough disaster on fans

A councillor has sparked outrage after he echoeing Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt's claim that the Hillsborough disaster was caused by football ''hooligans pushing and...

First councillor elected by drawing lots

A local election that ended in a dead heat was called by DRAWING LOTS for the first time in the UK, it has been...

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