A lifeguard at Sandsend, Whitby struggles with a rescue – of an inflatable Killer Whale. See SWNS story SWWHALE; A lifeguard was called into action on Tuesday to rescue an unusual victim drifting out to sea – a large inflatable Killer Whale. A large gust of wind carried the Whale out into deeper water while beachgoers and its distressed owner, a young boy, looked on helplessly unable to retrieve the inflatable. The alert lifeguard who raced to reach the drifting float, struggled to deflate the huge Mammal and bring it under control. It took around 20 minutes for the lifeguard, battling wind and current, to bring the floating Whale under control and safely return it back to the beach at Sandsend, Whitby, North Yorkshire. The exhausted lifeguard was able to reunite the inflatable with the boy, who left with his parents to continue enjoying the hot day.

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