Swear cut: hair transplant patient has obscenity etched into scalp


A hair transplant patient was stunned when he shaved his head and discovered the word ‘W****R’ – etched into his SCALP.

Swear cut: hair transplant patient had swearword etched into scalp

Fuming Darren Hope, 40, walked around with the swear word on his head for a staggering 19 YEARS before a pal spotted it during a cricket match.

Darren had the implants, similar to the Gordon Ramsay’s transplant, done when he was 21 after his hair started falling out.

He spent £7,000 on the treatment at a top London clinic where follicles were removed to cover a bald spot on the crown of his head.

But the cheeky surgeon removed the follicles to spell out of the word ‘W****R’ in 2ins capital letters across the back of his head.

Although the operation gave him a full head of locks, Darren had no idea that his hair contained a swear word.

The ripped out hairs never grew back and unbeknown to Darren he was left with the swear word branded into his head.

Today single Darren, from Nuneaton, Warks., blasted the surgeon who performed the procedure.

He said: ”Ever since I got the implants I grew my hair long but last summer I decided to get it all shaved.

”I was playing cricket and took my baseball cap off when one of my mates started laughing when I turned round.

”I spun round and he said to me ‘you do realise you’ve got w****r written on your head’.

”I thought he was joking but when I went to look in a mirror I could clearly see the word w****r written backwards in the reflection staring back at me.

”It’s a good five inches long and very visible.

”I don’t think anything can be done about it, so I’ll have to keep my hair long from now.

”It’s like someone’s gone around with a small razor and cut it in.

”I can’t believe I’ve been walking around with the word w****r on the back of my head for nearly 20 years and not even known it.”

Swear cut: hair transplant patient had swearword etched into scalp

Former electrician Darren, who reckons he’s spent around £60,000 over the last 19 years on hair ops, is mystified about why the word was left in his scalp.

He said: ”I got it because I was conscious that I was quite thin on top. I was very young and it had started to affect my confidence.

”I didn’t have a fallout with anyone at the clinic.

”I was very young and I think the surgeon was just having a bad day and I’ve suffered because of it.

”I’m quite a confident bloke and can take a ribbing but how many other former patients are walking around with swear words written on their heads?

”Pardon the pun, but I want to find whoever did this to me and scalp him.”

The area where the hairs were taken from never grows back so Darren will have the swear word scored into his scalp for life.

He is now seeking compensation from the surgeon who performed the first operation.

He said: ”I think he should be held accountable. I’ll never be able to have short hair again now and knowing it’s there is horrible.

”I feel like he committed criminal damage on me and has made me a laughing stock.”


  1. just a case of pareidolia… If we were shown the picture before being told what it supposedly says (wanker), i don’t think anybody could spot it. you can’t even really make out any individual letters. someone is overly paranoid i think…

  2. Ok, for one, trying to find “wanker” in that muddled up mess of plug pulls is like trying to find the boat in the 3-D picture…maybe if you stand really still and kinda tilt your head a bit you MIGHT see it if your lucky. For two, why pay out so much cash to turn around and shave your head? If you wanted to be bald, you should have just shaved it and let nature take it’s course with the rest.

  3. He spent all that money on a hair transplant, and he’s still bald, what an idiot. The surgeon probably knew he was a wanker, and just labeled him properly

  4. Just goes to show you can spend a lot of money on a hair transplant and the only person who benefits from it is the wanna-be Dr’s. These Dr’s will promise great results knowing there isn’t enough hair on the back of the head to even make a difference. These Dr’s perform a perfect scam everyday.

  5. Darren hope is a lame scammer who ripped lots of children off on eBay,He took money off of people for scooters and then stole the money.
    It was just before Christmas, Very sad guy who is a complete WANKER.
    They got it 100% correct when he was branded one!


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