WATCH : Swans Cause Chaos By Waddling Into Path Of Oncoming Vehicles In Lincoln


SWNS_SWAN_CHAOS_05These bird-brained swans caused traffic chaos after standing next to a busy railway crossing before charging into the path of oncoming vehicles.

Video footage shows one bird standing patiently by the barriers before another waddles into a car’s path once the gate is lifted to join him.

The 44-second clips sees them flap past startled onlookers and cyclists before making their way across the railway line in Brayford Wharf East, Lincoln, on Tuesday (21/2)

Witness Jacob Reece, 47, said: “It’s amazing what chaose a couple of birds can do – they brought the whole place to a standstill.

“They get pretty aggressive so no-one wanted to go near them.”

Janet Malcolm, 44, said: “It’s lucky there wasn’t a nasty accident with that train and all the traffic.

“You always seem to see swans doing things like this is Lincoln, it is bizarre.”

The number of swans in the city is at its lowest level in over 30 years due to the regeneration of the waterfront, experts claim.


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