Home News Susanna Reid accidentally flashes her KNICKERS on BBC Breakfast show

Susanna Reid accidentally flashes her KNICKERS on BBC Breakfast show


BBC Breakfast viewers got more than they bargained for this morning – when pretty host Susanna Reid accidentally flashed her KNICKERS.

The sexy 42-year-old – who is starring in the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing – gave viewers an eyeful of her stripy black and white underwear when she crossed her legs.

Eagle-eyed Mohammed Patel was so shocked when he caught sight of her knickers he spat out his cornflakes.

The 28-year-old IT consultant, from Sheffield, said: “I was eating my breakfast, watching the news as I always do.

“Just before they switched over to the regional news, Suzanna crossed her legs over and I caught a flash of brilliant white.

“I spat my cornflakes out. I thought it was hilarious.

“I had to rewind it to have another look to make sure.

“She needs to be more careful moving around. I told my daughter that that’s why she should always wear knickers.”

On the show, Susanna and co-host Bill Turnbull interviewed deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, but most of Twitter’s attention was on the shapely mum-of-three’s short skirt.

Lois McEwan tweeted: “BBC cheese: Camera fixed on Susanna Reid’s skirt while she supposedly interviews Nick Clegg.”

Twitter user officiallyAH added: “I have a love/hate relationship with the morning news. Love Susanna Reid! Hate Nick Clegg talking rubbish! I’m going to pause it on Susanna!”

Last week Susanna hit the headlines after her interview with Arctic Monkey Alex Turner went viral.

Twitter was alight with speculation the pretty brunette was flirting outrageously with the handsome 27-year-old during the five-minute interview.

Susanna played with her hair repeatedly, blushed like a schoolgirl and even told the singer “I bet that you look good on the dancefloor.”


  1. Haha. Then once your daughter had gone to school you watched it again, alone lit some candles and had a o e to one special time, with a box of tissues and some baby oil.


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