Surya G. Iacono shares 7 fitness trends to see you through the rest of 2019


Everyone should work out at least three times a week. We all know this. And while this sounds easy enough, many people find it isn’t. Even the most dedicated fitness fanatic can find their interest flagging. And as the days become shorter and the nights longer, getting out of bed to hit the gym gets even harder. 

If the gym isn’t your thing, there are so many alternatives out there. From high intensity workouts (HITT) to ever more complicated hybrids of yoga and other disciplines. There are even lots of different ways to workout without even leaving home. Here are a few trends still going strong this year, to take you all the way through to the end of 2019. 

1.Get back on that treadmill – it’s back!

Over recent years, exercise has become complicated. People are doing yoga in super-hot rooms, or spin classes plugged into a nationwide network. And while these new ways to exercise are great, it’s worth checking out some old favourites. 

Last year, there was an 82% increase on the year before in the use of treadmills in gyms, according to ClassPass. They’re a familiar site in the gym, and have been for decades, and are usually considered part of the ensemble of equipment to pass through. More recently, they have started taking centre stage, with studios specialising in treadmill-based workouts appearing up and down the country. 

From virtual running classes through Peloton’s service, to Precision Running programmes from Equinox, there are plenty of ways to revisit this old favourite and up your game. 

2. Fly through your workout with aerial fitness

Perhaps not one for the faint hearted, aerial fitness is taking off in a big way. Companies like Flying Fantastic are offering all kinds of aerial training, ranging from Aerial Yoga to Aerial Silks (a kind of acrobatics using ribbons hanging 30ft from the ceiling). 

These classes are all kinds of fun, but they are also extremely difficult. You will feel them most in your arms and abs, as your core works hard to help you learn the moves. If you’re already pretty fit, this can be a great way to boost your workouts in a completely new way. 

3. Short workouts and no guilt 

Fitness in 2019 is about working smarter, not harder. Most people just don’t have two hours a day to spend in the gym, which is where HITT comes in. High-intensity interval training (HITT) is still a major fitness trend and is just as effective in helping you transform your body as long workouts. 

These kinds of workouts aim to get maximum results in the minimum possible time. Because they tend to hover at 30 to 45 minutes long, it’s more likely you’ll stick with them too. 

4. Work out at work

Working out and then doing some work may not sound like the ideal combination. However, there are a new wave of gyms offering a space in which you can work after you’ve sweated it out. The other way around, with workplaces incorporating fitness on-site is also on the up. By combining working out with your daily routine, you may find it easier to stick with in the longer term, and that’s what gets results. 

5. Stay at home but workout in style

Gone are the days of a dodgy VHS workout. Exercising at home has never offered so many options, whatever your fitness level. In September 2018, US cycling brand Peloton arrived in London. This fitness company focuses on indoor cycling, and uses super high-tech, at home spinning bikes. 

The bikes are expensive, at around £1,500, but are fully equipped with more than 8,000 on-demand spinning and cycling classes. All in the comfort of your own home. Because each workout is streamed live with an actual trainer, you feel like you’re working out with other people. This helps to boost your energy and enjoyment levels. 

6. Keep fit wherever you go with on-demand fitness

Airports, hotels and public places are responding to people’s demand for fitness options by integrating them into travel offerings. For example, there are several airports that offer workout facilities through companies like FlyFit Global and ROAM Fitness. Another start-up called Sanctifly has a facility for travellers to book and use hotel gyms. 

7. Increasingly sophisticated nutrition apps

There is so much contradictory advice online regarding what to eat, which supplements to take and how much protein you should have. Apps like Healthspan cut through the confusion and gives you tailored recommendations for supplements. It will monitor your intake and tell you how to adjust it for maximum benefits. 

About Surya G. Iacono

Surya Iacono is a fitness and wellness expert and blogger based in London, UK. Surya’s fitness blogs are aimed at keen gym-goers and exercise fans already well into their journey and looking for tips, tricks and ideas to take it to the next level.