Survey reveals staff have no loyalty to their employer


As transfer deadline day grips footballing fans across the country, a new study has found that a third of workers have no loyalty to their employer.

Survey reveals staff have no loyalty to their employer

A survey of 3,000 workers revealed the days of the long serving ‘company man’ are now a distant memory.

Instead of staying with the same employer for years, almost nine in ten workers would happily jump ship if they were offered a better deal elsewhere.

More than 15 per cent said they wouldn’t be prepared to work late if their boss needed their help, while 14 per cent would refuse to give up their lunch hour if asked.

A spokesman for market research site, which carried out the study said: ”In the past, people would often stay with the same company or employer for their entire working life.

”Many workers would prefer to stay with their boss who has looked after them from day one than go chasing after better money with another company.

”But it seems this is rarely the case nowadays with people chopping and changing their job every few years.

”Instead of sticking with the company which gave them the best jobs, staff are going where the best money, benefits or prospects are instead.”

The study found 32 per cent of workers in Britain don’t feel loyalty towards the company they work for, while another 36 per cent have no allegiance to their boss or manager.

And more than half of those polled wouldn’t give their employer or colleagues a second thought if they were offered a better job someone else.

But 78 per cent admitted they could be persuaded to stay put if they were offered more money, while 42 per cent would turn down a new job if they were given better benefits.

More holiday, flexible working hours and better bonuses would also help encourage workers to stay with their current employer.

Researchers also found that 65 per cent of people have no intention of staying with the same employer for a long period of time, with a third putting this down to boredom.

Another 45 per cent believe it is good to move on every now and then, while 36 per cent don’t think they can progress any further in their current company.

Eight out of ten reckon the days of working for the same employer throughout your working life is over, with 43 per cent blaming this on the companies losing their personal touch.

Another 56 per cent put it down to companies not looking after their employees as well as they used too.

Picture Credit: Nigel Wilson on Flickr


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