STX Next recognized as a market leader in a Top Python & Django Developers – Leaders Matrix


STX Next, Europe’s largest software house specialized in Python software development has been recognized as a leader in Python & Django Developers – Leaders Matrix, a proprietary research conducted by Clutch.

The Leaders Matrix reports are designed to serve as an essential reference for companies seeking new and expanded relationships with the best players in the industry.

The research identifies the capabilities of 10 Python & Django development companies.

Companies included in the report are vendors with proven and verified track record of delivering projects and significant presence in the market.

The research leverages the proprietary methodology, which maps each firm’s focus in Python & Django software development services against their ability to deliver reliably on client expectations.

Analysts evaluate vendors using multiple criteria including company experience, industry recognition, market presence and positive client reviews.

Positioning within the matrix is based on firms’ proven ability to deliver and focus on a particular service type with bubble size as an indicator of relative size of the firms.

“We are proud to be recognized as a leader by Clutch. This confirms that STX Next’s focus on software development process, quality assurance and efficient communication are the exact things that bring value to customers and make their projects successful. These three areas are the ones that differentiate a business-critical project from just a technical venture. We understand that.” - said Łukasz Taranta, Head of Sales & Marketing at STX Next.

The report is based on a rigorous scoring methodology involving independent reviews and surveys conducted by Clutch experts.

The most highly weighted factor is feedback from former and current clients on a range of qualitative and quantitative topics including areas, such as quality of project deliverables, conformance to cost estimates and ability to meet agreed project schedules.

To learn more about the Top Python & Django Developers – Leaders Matrix report visit:


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