Stunning pictures of Northern lights over erupting Icelandic volcano


These stunning pictures show the Northern Lights shining over eruptions at the troublesome Icelandic volcano which ash cloud flight chaos across Europe.

Purple and blue lights contrast with bright yellow and red lava as it flows from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, which was erupting from beneath its ice cap.

Freelance photographer James Appleton, 23, from Cambridge, risked his life trekking solo to the area and captured these incredible shots.

The determined Cambridge University graduate spent five days observing the first phase of the eruption from a shack in nearby Fimmvörðuháls mountain pass.

James spent seven hours battling biting wind and freezing temperatures to get as close to the eruption as possible, against the advice of local guides.

Despite being trapped inside a shack there for 48 hours, fearless James managed to trek within 100ft of the volcano.

James said he was ”impressed” with his shots of the vibrant lava flowing down the mountain.

He said: ”It was definitely the highlight of my photographic career so far and something I will never forget.

”To be stood right in the action and watching the volcano spew out lava and growling with the peaceful Northern Lights flickering was just incredible.

”I had little more than three hours of sleep every night because I was just so determined to capture as much as I could.

”I have never been physically trapped by weather conditions before but it was completely worth it for the dramatic results.”

The Eyjafjallajökull eruption grounded flights across the UK and Europe in April after a cloud of volcanic ash which could damage jet engines drifted across the area.



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