Stunning Kingfisher diving pictures captured by wildlife Photographer Mark Hancox


These stunning pictures show the split-second a kingfisher spots his prey before diving into a pool of water.

Wildlife photographer Mark Hancox, 48, spent a month waiting in a specially-built hide to catch a glimpse of the kingfisher hunting.

He snapped the elusive bird at the very moment it launched itself off a perch and swooped down to catch its prey in a private lake in Droitwich, Worcs.

The beautiful kingfisher hovered momentarily before arching into a perfect arrow-shaped dive.

Award winning photographer Mark, from Hartelbury, Worcs., said: ”I knew the kingfishers are regulars to this pool at this time of year.

”It had a perch right next to an area in the pool where a lot of fish swim about. I wanted to capture one mid-flight with its fantastic wings out-stretched.

”I spotted a blur of blue and hit the button. I was very pleased the pictures came out like they did.

”Usually kingfishers fly in and out of your frame before you have a chance to see it but this time I just concentrated hard and cracked it.”


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