Stunning Drone Footage Reveals Huge Crop Circles

Norman Bright's photo taken from his drone.
Norman Bright's photo taken from his drone.
Norman Bright’s photo taken from his drone.

This stunning drone footage reveals an incredibly complex set of crop circles.

A huge ominous eye resembling the Death Star from the Star Wars spewing a stream of alien symbols is shown from 400ft in the air.

The bizarre crop formation is thought to have timed to coincide with the total solar eclipse above the United States.

Social media conspiracy theories have also likened the appearance of the crop circles near Southend Airport, Essex, to a radio broadcast tower and a satellite dish.

Norman Bright's photo taken from his drone.
Norman Bright’s photo taken from his drone.

Heating engineer Norman Bright, 52, who runs Aerial Videos R Us, said he raced to be the first to get footage of the crop circles after a dog walker spotted them on Saturday.

The dad-of-two said: “I’m known for flying drones in the area and got a message on Facebook from a dog walker saying he saw what looked like a crop circle.

“He messaged me in the morning and I went straight down at about half past ten, got permission from the airport and carried out a risk assessment.

“400ft is the maximum height you’re allowed for a drone but the crop circle was quite a big one.”

He dismissed alien conspiracy theories over the origin of the crop circles, saying: “I don’t understand the shapes, I don’t know what it means and I just haven’t got a clue.

“It looks like ones you see on the telly, a bit like that Stephen Spielberg film Signs but I don’t believe in that side of it and it definitely wasn’t Banksy.”

Norman, a self-employed heating engineer, has spent £3,500 on his Inspire 1 drone and a £4,000 camera after getting his drone pilot’s licence in March.

“I see the drone business growing – it’s a bit like plumbers and heating engineers years and years ago – now you can get them anywhere but it’s still young,” he added.


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