Student with ‘superhuman memory’ claims he can remember EVERY day of his life

Aurelien says he can remember every day of his life
Aurelien says he can remember every day of his life

An incredible student has claimed to be the only known Brit UK who has a rare condition where he can remember the events of every day of his life.

The young man, known only as Aurélien, has a remarkable memory which has stunned scientists who did not believe it was an ability humans could possess.

Aurélien, 20, can recall precisely what he did on every day since the age of four.

Aurelien says he can remember every day of his life
Aurelien says he can remember every day of his life

This includes details of conversations, programmes they saw on television or what they ate for their lunch.

On 15th August 1996, for example, he can remember the day of the week it was, being on holiday with his parents and buying a furry yellow banana toy.

There are just a handful of people around the world thought to have the phenomenon, which is known as “Superior Autobiographical Memory”.

And Aurélien is the first person in Britain to come forward and claim to have the ability.

The student, from Cardiff, said: “It’s like someone saying to you what’s your name?

“You just know that it’s your name, it’s just something that comes straight to you. I’ve never met anyone who can do what I do.”

His incredible ability is showcased for the first time on Tuesday evening in a documentary from Channel 4.

The Boy Who Can’t Forget sees Aurélien put to the test by eight time world memory champion, Dominic O’Brien, and examined by memory expert Professor Giuliana Mazzoni.

Professor Mazzoni has been trying to learn more about what enables the ability and whether it is something that we might all be capable of.

She said:  “It is these exceptional cases that give the first clue to something that might change the way we think about how personal memory works, so it is really an exciting moment.”

The Boy Who Can’t Forget is on Channel 4 at 9pm on Tuesday, September 25.


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