Student dies suddenly from undiagnosed heart condition days after doctors prescribed him PARACETAMOL

Student Jordan Flynn has died days after a GP told him he had a viral infection

A 19-year-old PE student died suddenly from an undiagnosed heart condition – just days after doctors told him to take PARACETAMOL.

Promising first-year university student Jordan Flynn was told by a GP that he had a virus and needed to rest and take painkillers.

But days later he died with his mother at his side in intensive care – just a week after his 19th birthday.

Student Jordan Flynn has died days after a GP told him he had a viral infection
Student Jordan Flynn has died days after a GP told him he had a viral infection

The sudden and unexpected death of the physical education student has shocked his peers at the University of Brighton’s campus in Eastbourne, East Sussex, who held a vigil on Monday night.

His heartbroken mother, Angie Flynn, of Birmingham, said: “He had been ill for a couple of days and he was talking to me on the phone telling me he had low energy, fatigue and was unable to move.

“He also kept passing out so I was worried because his uni friends had all gone home and he was on his own there.”

She convinced him to see the GP who she said turned him away believing it was a viral infection but when he didn’t recover, Angie told Jordan to call NHS 111 for advice.

The service called for paramedics and Jordan was taken to Eastbourne District General Hospital’s coronary unity and Angie made her way to his bedside.

She said: “I sat with him the entire time and he was very, very breathless and very, very restless.”

Jordan, originally from Wales, was then taken to a heart specialist at Harefield Hospital, in Hillingdon, north west London, where he died on February 3.

Angie said she wishes Jordan was admitted to hospital earlier and transferred to the specialist unit while he still had some strength.

She said: “I thought he was perfect because I was his mum but I have been completely overwhelmed by all the comments on Facebook from all the other people who loved him.

“He didn’t realise. He had no idea just how much everyone loved him.

“We have had so many people say Jordan helped them through a difficult time. He would drop everything for his friends if and when they needed him.”

University of Brighton students set off sky lanterns to mark Jordan‘s passing.

Jordan‘s friend Andy Matthews tweeted: “RIP Jordan Flynn, sad news and a massive shock. Loved playing football with you and winding you up. You will be missed by a lot of people.”


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